Factors to Consider When Choosing a Commercial or Industrial Shed

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A commercial or industrial shed is not like a storage shed you have at home in your backyard. A commercial shed will need to store more than just your lawn care equipment and snow blower. Your local area may have building codes that would affect the size and type of shed you're allowed on a property, and once you've checked those codes, note some additional factors to keep in mind when you're ready to shop for industrial sheds.


Even if a large shed has an open entryway at the front and the back, you may still want added ventilation along the sides or the roof, especially if you'll be welding, running any type of equipment, or doing anything else in the shed that produces heat. Keep in mind that heat rises, so open entryways on the sides of the shed may not be enough to ventilate that heat. Opt for windows along the upper walls or operational skylights that you can open to let that heat escape, which will then reduce wear and tear on equipment and increase comfort for anyone working in the shed.


Steel is probably the best material for a production facility or farm shed, where you might errantly run a forklift or tractor into the shed when entering or exiting. However, steel can eventually rust; aluminium is naturally resistant to corrosion and may be better for any production process that creates steam. Even with proper ventilation, that added humidity can cling to shed walls and increase the risk of a steel shed eventually rusting.


If you'll be working in your shed during the day, choose one with skylights. These will reduce the need for overhead lights, also reducing your electricity costs.

Industrial versus rural

Rural sheds are usually very open so that you can quickly collect livestock under the shed roof for feeding, milking, calving and the like. Entry doors may also be very lightweight so they're easy to open and close without making noise that could disturb livestock.

Industrial sheds usually have doors that are more narrow and only meant for panel trucks and delivery vehicles. These doors may also be heavier, as items stored in an industrial shed may be very expensive, so the doors need a heavier lock and more security against intrusion and theft. However, these doors may be louder when opened and closed, and this might startle cattle and livestock, so be sure you understand these differences when choosing your shed.


30 November 2017

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