What You Might Overlook When Having a Carport Installed

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A carport is a very convenient and affordable way to protect your car from the elements without having a garage built or expanded. Some carports come in kits that many homeowners can install themselves, also making them easier and more affordable overall. When shopping for a carport, you want to ensure you consider all the features and options available so it will work for you and you'll be happy with that investment for years to come. Note a few features that you might easily overlook so you know to include them if necessary with your new carport.

Angle of the roof and side shade

Many carports come with the same type of roof as a home; it's flat inside and then angled on the top, allowing rain and snow to slide off. This type of roof might not offer the best protection for your car, depending on your property. If you choose a very tall carport with a standard roof and no shade on the sides, the sun could easily hit the side of your car and cause fading or damage to the exterior and the interior upholstery on that side. It could also cause your engine to stay too warm during summer months. Note if you might need an angled roof for your carport to provide better shade, or walls around at least one side of the carport for maximum protection.


While many homeowners use their carport just for parking their cars, you might use yours when working on the car or even as an extended patio area. In these case, you might want some privacy between you and the neighbors. Side walls or at least slats along the wall between you and a neighbor can mean blocking their view as well as insulating the noise from your tools or engines while you work.


If you want to store items in your carport, and most homeowners do once it's installed, it's good to think of this option while you're still shopping. Simply putting things in plastic totes and putting them in the carport can mean a very messy look without a lot of security. Look for a carport with built-in storage containers that lock with a key, or for overhead shelving and rafters that you can use for storing skis, snowboards, lawn care equipment, and the like. This will ensure the storage looks good and is secure and functional as well.


29 July 2016

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