Natural Ways to Make Rooms With No Windows Feel Bigger

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In some houses, particularly those with older designs, there can be some rooms that don't have windows. These rooms can often be a bit dingy and feel small, no matter which light fittings are placed in them. Here are some idea to naturally create more light in a room with no windows.

Add a skylight

One of the most effective ways to get more light in a room, if you can't access the external walls to place a window, is using a skylight in the roof. These add natural light and can often be opened to provide fresh air. They can also be very cost effective, as the cost of placing an opening in the roof is relatively minor compared to making a structural change. If you need to be able to control the light (for example if this is a bedroom), you can also add a blind or block-out function which can be controlled from ground level. Contact a skylight window manufacturer for more information.

Use light furnishings

If you can control the furnishings in the room, then it's a great idea to opt for pieces that don't absorb light. This can include glass-topped coffee tables, transparent light fittings and using mirrors as wall decorations rather than opaque pieces of art. (Some people even like to use facing mirrors, which can create the impression of a much larger and light-filled room).These small changes can help to maximise the reflections of the light that does come into the darker room from the surrounding rooms and can make the space feel lighter and more spacious. 

Modify doors and connecting walls

Even if you can't directly access the external walls, you can often bring in more ambient light from the surrounding rooms. Some ideas can include replacing solid doors with frosted glass doors or sliding panels. This can allow the option of privacy (and darkness) when required as well as the ability to bring more natural light into the room. You can often find some great ideas you can show to your contractors by checking out the blogs of small apartment owners, who often deal with this issue in small older apartments. 

If you have a small room without much natural light, you can use a range of options to increase the light including skylight windows. Why not contact a contractor in your area to start exploring which options might work best in your home?


1 March 2017

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