Renovation Ideas to Create Extra Living Space in Your Home

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One of the main reasons why many people move is because they need extra living space for their families. But moving home is not always a permanent solution for the problem. For sure, an individual can find or build a new home that is spacious enough to meet the current needs of their family. But just like the home that they moved out of, the new home too can become small over time, forcing homeowners to consider moving out again. Because there's too much hassle involved in moving home every time you need extra living space, it is a worthwhile option for you as a homeowner to consider renovating their current living space instead of moving out. Here are some renovation ideas you can execute so as to create more functional space in your home. 

Loft conversion

If you have a traditional stick-framed roofing system, you can easily add a room in the roof. This kind of roof framing has more structural input compared to trussed roof structures and thus provides greater load-bearing capacity. For that reason, it is usually the most appropriate type for attic conversions. Extra space can be easily, and quite cheaply, created in the attic by firming up the rafters and adding extra supports as required by a building engineer. 

Basement conversion

The basement is one of the most underutilised areas in several homes, yet not so many people think of transforming it into a functional space when they need to create more room in their home. What most homeowners overlook is that unlike the attic, the basement area typically has more structural integrity, thanks to their solid walls and robust foundations. Instead of making your basement the place where you keep items you no longer need in the home, you can turn it into a kitchen, bedroom, study room, et cetera, et cetera.

Garage conversion

Cars also need to be housed, but for homeowners with a large garage that has been turned into a catch-all for unused household items, it would be a smart thing to create extra functional space there. You can turn a section of your garage into a home office, guest bedroom, study area or any other habitable space by building an interior wall to partition the space, and making sure you leave enough room for you to store your car. Make sure you provide adequate thermal and sound insulation, so as to keep the space warm and quiet. 

Before embarking on any renovation project that involves altering or modifying the initial design of your home, make sure you check with the local building councils and/or authorities, so as to make sure you do not violate any building codes and/or standards.


21 April 2017

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