Why use wooden crates?

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Since ancient times people have been transporting stuff and one material that was used in packaging is wood. Wooden crates have stood the test of time despite the entry of plastic, metal and cardboard packaging. Here are the reasons why wooden crates are still popular in packaging and shipping today;


Wood is a very easy material to fashion. You can find a wooden crate small enough for a bottle of wine and a bigger crate that spans over five meters tall and wide. This allows for a variety of solutions for transport and packaging. Not only can you get crates of many sizes, they can also be sealed or semi-sealed. Indeed they can be made just to fit the type of items that you want to carry. Another thing about wooden crates is that they can have protective padding or cushioning to carry delicate items safely.   


Wooden crates are not often as pricey as their metal counterparts. In some cases, they are also cheaper than plastic crates, depending on size and strength. Add to this the fact that you can reuse wooden crates for a long time and save on having to buy new crates regularly.

Strong and durable

It is not uncommon to find wooden crates that are very old in good condition. Wooden crates are usually made of treated wood which is resistant to insects and water. They can withstand rough weather and bumpy rides and still keep the contents within intact. This is why they are also favored by moving companies.

Another thing about wooden crates is that they can withstand the moist and salty sea air that has proved formidable against metal containers. Wood remains generally unaffected by the high humidity and temperature changes as well. This means that not only will the crates endure for a long time but they will also shield delicate contents from these conditions.

Easy to use

Wooden crates are very easy to use and handle. They are usually designed for ease of loading and unloading. Also, when packing wooden crates they can be stacked up and save on space. This saves a lot of money when shipping many crates. Some wooden crates can be easily dismantled and reassembled which makes them easy to transport when empty.

Environment friendly

Nowadays, wooden crates are made of wood harvested from sustainable forests hence balance in the environment is maintained. Another advantage is that when wooden crates reach the end of their use they are recycled into other products or used for decorative purposes.


8 May 2017

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