Protective Coatings You Could Apply Over Your Decorative Concrete

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With the advent of decorative concrete, more and more households are opting for this flooring as it provides them with the inherent strength of regular concrete and the added advantage of enhanced aesthetic appeal. Nonetheless, for your decorative concrete to stay attractive, you would need to invest in a protective coating that will ensure its surface will not weather or stain prematurely. This protective coating is of particular importance if the decorative concrete is installed on high traffic areas such as walkways, driveways and more. So what are some of the options available to you when considering protective coatings for your decorative concrete?

Acrylic protective coatings

If you are working with a modest budget but would like to protect your decorative concrete from excessive exposure to moisture, you should consider acrylic coatings. These types of coating are one of the most affordable in the market, making them an economical choice for homeowners. In addition to their affordability, the acrylic coatings are also highly versatile as they can be applied to both exterior and interior concrete flooring.

The main drawback you should be wary of when it comes to acrylic coatings is that they have a propensity to acquire scratches over time. Thus, you would have to re-apply the coating on a routine basis.

Polyurethane protective coatings

If you are looking for a protective coating that will boost the appearance of your decorative concrete, polyurethane coatings would be an ideal choice. As such, they make a great option for decorative concrete that has aged and may be looking worse for wear. One of the main characteristics of polyurethane coatings is that they provide a high gloss finish for your flooring. Not only does the glossy nature improve the appearance of the flooring but it will also function to make the space appear brighter by reflecting light.

Another benefit of polyurethane coatings is that once they harden, they become extremely resilient to wear and tear. This inherent durability makes them perfect for areas that experience heavy traffic as you would not have to worry about routine care and maintenance to keep the coating in pristine condition.

Lastly, polyurethane coatings are available in a vast array of colours as pigments are infused with the compound to create attractive overlays. Therefore, if you were looking to add a pop of colour to your decorative concrete, a polyurethane coating would be a better solution as compared to merely painting the surface of the concrete.


9 May 2017

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