Reasons to Opt For Fibre Cement Sheeting


The first aspect of your home that will begin to show signs of wear and tear is the exterior. Due to the constant exposure to the changing weather elements, your exterior flooring will gradually start to chip and crumble. Depending on the materials you used for your outdoor flooring applications, you will then notice a myriad of damages such as rot on wood, crumbling of stone and more. To prevent this damage, you should consider fibre cement sheeting. This sheeting to provide a protective layer for your exterior flooring surfaces. Moreover, the fibre cement sheeting can be applied on top of numerous types of materials making it quite versatile. Here is a list of some of the reasons why you should opt for fibre cement sheeting.

Fibre cement sheeting provides an economical solution

A major reason why fibre cement sheeting is steadily becoming a popular option for construction contractors and homeowners alike is the affordability of this material. When contemplating the various sheeting materials that are in the market, you will find that fibre cement is one of the least expensive choices you could select. In addition to this, the fibre cement sheeting is also much easier to install. Therefore, you could count on cheaper labour costs as compared to other sheeting materials such as aluminium or vinyl.

Fibre cement sheeting provides a water resistant solution

Although sheeting is assigned to protect the exterior flooring of your home, it is not mandatory for all types of sheeting to be waterproof. As such, you will find that some alternatives such as timber may boost the kerb appeal of the residence but will eventually succumb to rot and water damage if it does not receive intensive maintenance. Fibre cement is ideal for people living in locations that are exposed to high moisture, whether in the form of precipitation or sea spray at the coastal areas. Once the fibre cement has set, it will not be susceptible to crumbling or disintegrating due to water damage.

Fibre cement sheeting provides you with long-term service

Another great reason to invest in fibre cement sheeting is the high durability that it offers. This material comprises cement, cellulose and sand. When mixed, they form a tough compound that is capable of lasting for a significant amount of time. As such, it is highly functional when installed in heavy traffic areas. Thus, you would not have to worry about replacing your fibre cement sheeting prematurely as it guarantees longevity.


9 May 2017

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