Why Should You Resurface Instead of Replace Your Asphalt Driveway?


Even the toughest of asphalt driveways can eventually become a little worn, whether by changing weather conditions or due to continuous use by heavy vehicles. In any case, you might eventually start thinking that your driveway needs to be replaced. However, few people take the time to think about having the driveway resurfaced instead.

When a driveway is resurfaced, the top layers of asphalt are removed. Any repairs that are needed are conducted, and then replacement asphalt is poured in, but the underlying layers and foundation are not touched. 

So why might you opt for resurfacing instead of replacement?

Replacement is often unnecessary

It used to be that resurfacing was a very short-term solution, but times have changed. Nowadays, the resurfacing process can be a more viable repair option. The thing is, resurfacing is only ever needed in quite extreme cases. If your asphalt driveway is more than a decade or two old, if the foundations are showing signs of damage, or if there are cracks that are more than a few inches deep or a few centimetres wide, then replacement is a good idea, but smaller cracks or chips and newer driveways probably only need to be repaired across those upper layers. In both cases, you'll end up with a like-new surface.

Reduced Expense

You might be thinking that replacing your driveway would be a good idea, even if it isn't strictly necessary; after all, it's often better to go for the more extreme solution right away to enjoy peace of mind for years to come. The problem is that replacing an asphalt driveway is a very expensive undertaking. As well as using more materials, it's a lot harder to construct those underlying layers, and the whole process will be a lot more time-consuming. You could end up replacing your driveway every five years or so, even though the only thing you really needed to do was resurface.

Easier Process

The fact that resurfacing is a much easier process means that it won't take nearly as long as replacing, and that isn't only advantageous in terms of the amount of money you need to spend. The most obvious additional benefit is that you won't have your driveway out of commission for as long; parking on the street can often be a hassle, and the whole process can be disruptive and noisy for neighbours as well as for yourself. However, a more important concern is weather changes. Asphalt needs to be laid down when it is warm. Any rain will disrupt that process, and changes in temperature can cause damage due to expansion and contraction. If you can, it's best to opt for the quicker solution to reduce the risk of such conditions interfering.


10 May 2017

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