When Your Yard Oozes Pest Appeal: Why a Yard Full of Junk Is a Paradise for Pests


Junk has a way of piling up. A few garden clippings here, some old renovation debris there and a pile of leaves from your garden tree can create the perfect environment for pests.

Read on to find out why you should keep your yard free of junk.  

Termites Love Junk Food

Old pieces of furniture, tree branches and garden clippings left on soil can attract the attention of a nearby termite colony. Termites are always on the lookout for fresh food sources. They can smell damp and rotting wood and will not hesitate to infest a pile of junk that contains wooden items. The problem is that your home could be next on the menu.

Black Rats Appreciate Junk Piles

A pile of junk is the ideal place for a pair of black rats to set up home. Within a few weeks, you could find yourself with over a dozen rats scurrying around your yard, carrying diseases and leaving faeces and urine everywhere.  

Cockroaches Hop from Junk to Homes

A junk pile can also serve as a staging post from which cockroaches can launch pilgrimages to your home.

Funnelweb Spiders Build Homes Amidst Junk

Funnelweb spiders are ground dwelling, and a messy pile of assorted junk could create plenty of nooks and crannies within which they can lurk.

Raise Awareness of the Risks of Junk in Your Neighbourhood

The best protection against pests is cleanliness and tidiness. Ensure that you don't leave junk sitting abandoned in your yard. You may no longer be interested in it, but you can be sure a pest or ten will be. If your neighbours are letting junk build up in their yards, politely try to warn them of the risks. The chances are good that they have already seen the evidence with their own eyes.

Encourage them to throw away or recycle their own junk by being proactive with your own junk disposal. Hire a skip bin for garden, renovation and general waste if you expect to be producing a lot of it in the near future. 

Invest in a Communal Skip Bin to Rid Your Neighbourhood of Pests

Most people do want to dispose of their junk. However, life sometimes gets in the way and responsibilities pile up—much like junk. If you notice that your neighbours have a little too much junk in their yards, talk to them about hiring a communal skip bin.

Not only will this be cheaper for you and your neighbours, but your yards will look better, you'll have more space and pests will seek shelter elsewhere. 


16 May 2017

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