4 Benefits of Using Wooden Crates

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If you need to transport materials for your next construction job, you may not have considered using wooden crates. Although wooden crates have not changed much in the many years that humankind has used them, this is for a very good reason. The design of a wooden create provides its user with four key benefits that more modern materials cannot match. Below is a guide to these benefits.

Wooden crates can be reused

Today, environmentalism is a top priority for the construction industry, with many clients looking for clear signs that the companies they hire are eco-friendly. Using wooden crates is a great way to showcase your environmental credentials, as wooden crates can be reused many times before they need to be replaced. Even when a wooden crate reaches the end of its life, it can easily be broken down and recycled. If a wooden crate is accidentally placed in a landfill site, it will naturally break down in the soil. The same cannot be said for plastic crates, which are not as durable and will not break down if they enter the landfill system.

Wooden crates are affordable

Because wood is easy to source, wooden crates are a highly affordable option when compared to metal or plastic alternatives. Also, the amount of work which it takes to produce a wooden crate is much less than other forms of containers, which helps to keep the price per crate down. 

Wooden crates are highly customisable 

Wooden crates can be quickly and easily customised to accommodate any product. For example, it is very easy to remove some of the wood from the sides of a crate if you wish to reduce its depth. Alternatively, if you are planning to store or transport something which needs to be allowed to breath such as a painting, you can also easily add ventilation holes to a wooden crate.

Wooden crates are highly durable

Construction contractors will often need to use heavy machinery such as a forklift truck in order to lift, load and unload crates. If you opt for plastic crates, it is highly likely that they will be damaged during this process. However, wooden crates are highly durable and can withstand the rough handling they will receive on site and in transit, which means you can be certain that whatever they contain will be in perfect condition when it is unpacked.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of using wooden crates as part of your construction and contracting business, you should contact a supplier today.


26 October 2017

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