Buying a Shed For Your Garden: 3 Things to Consider

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Garden sheds can be the ideal place to store equipment such as your lawnmower, spades, watering cans and other gardening equipment or as a place where you can carry out repair work while sheltering from the weather. However, before you ask contractors to install your new shed, you will need to decide which type of material from which it will be constructed. Below is a guide to 3 things you should consider when thinking about the type of material which will be used during the construction of your garden shed.

The amount of money in your budget

No matter what you are dreaming of, the unfortunate reality is that you will be constrained by the amount of money you can spend. You basically have two options. You can opt for cheaper materials such as wood, which will allow you to have a larger sized shed, or you can opt for more expensive materials such as concrete and have a smaller sized shed. The trade-off between size and quality of materials is one which you can balance by considering how much room you require. If you own a lot of gardening equipment, you may have no option but to buy a large wooden shed. However, if you are aiming to create a small workshop, concrete may be the better option. The primary use the shed will be put to should also be considered.

The primary reason you need the shed

If the shed is going to be used as a place to store gardening equipment, a wooden shed will typically be robust enough to protect items from the effects of the weather. However, if you are planning to use your shed space as a workshop, you may wish to invest in a concrete structure which is slightly more sturdy and solid. While wooden shed will keep the rain off your tools, they can get very cold and draughty if you are sat in them for long periods of time. A shed constructed using concrete blocks will typically be warmer and less draughty. 

The local landscape

Finally, no one wants a shed (no matter how functional) which ruins the look of their landscaping. If you have a rustic looking garden, constructing a concrete shed in the middle of it can really spoil its visual appeal. Instead, you should opt for a wooden shed which will blend in perfectly. However, if wish to go ahead with concrete, you should consider positioning the shed behind trees or bushes, so it is hidden from view.

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5 December 2017

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