Why not play tennis at the time that suits you best?

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Do you enjoy a regular game of tennis with your family or friends? Tennis is a great way to have fun and keep fit throughout the year. The only problem that a lot of people find with tennis is that they have to travel to reach their nearest court and that often takes so much time that they aren't able to play as much as they would like. Why not make playing tennis easy and convenient by adding a tennis court to your home? Tennis court construction on your property isn't difficult, and if it is done professionally, it can add value to your home, providing a great additional selling point when it is time for you to move on.

What type of tennis court construction is best?

If your new court is going to be an asset to your home then you will need to work with professional tennis court builders to ensure that the court is built to professional standards and will provide a high quality game for many years. There are a lot of different features which can impact how you use your new court but nothing matters more than your choice of court surface. When you are planning your tennis court construction, the first decision you must make is whether you want a clay or grass tennis court construction. For most people, this choice will actually come down to a decision between synthetic clay or artificial grass. Choosing either real clay or grass will bring with it high maintenance costs that are beyond the means of most private homeowners. Synthetic clay and artificial grass can provide a realistic alternative to playing surfaces that mimic the original materials well with a good surface speed and a consistent ball bounce that is more than adequate for most users.

Choosing the right grass court

If you opt for an artificial grass tennis court construction then you will need to discuss with your tennis court builders the best system for your needs. You will need to make a choice that balances the amount of maintenance you are willing to do with the longevity you need from the surface, and the amount of use the court will get. If you are uncertain which grass tennis court construction you should choose then it can be helpful to see several different court surfaces in use. Talk to your builders and find out where you can see each surface being used. Seeing how each surface performs during a game is the best way to make the decision that is right for you.


2 April 2018

Finding the Best Contractors for the Job

Welcome to my blog, my name is Blake and from now on, I will be writing a series of blogs which will deal with the process of finding and working with contractors when constructing a new building. I am not a construction specialist but last summer I gained a lot of experience in this area when I hired a team of 32 contractors to build a holiday home. When hiring contractors, it is important that you understand how to communicate with them and their ways of working. Below are a series of blogs which will help you to find the best contractors.