Characteristics of Concrete Pumps Used for Mining Applications

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As new deposits of minerals such as copper, gold, oil and titanium continue to be discovered in various parts of the world, the demand for concrete pumps has risen. Manufacturers of concrete pumps are receiving more requests for both new and used pumps from miners in local and offshore locations.

Concrete pumps used for mining are different from most other similar machines. They need to have higher capacity, lower maintenance, and an ability to operate in harsh environmental conditions. As a result, there are certain defining characteristics of concrete pumps that make them best suited for deriving precious commodities from mining fields.

If looking for such a pump, make sure it has the following features.

More efficient engines

In mining sites across Australia, emissions are carefully monitored for pollutants that can degrade the atmosphere over time. Concrete pumps therefore need to have highly efficient engines that don't emit high concentrations of smoke particles and greenhouse gases.

Concrete pumps for mining are now being manufactured with clean burning diesel engines. The cleaner burning process makes them less prone to contributing towards poor emissions during mining activities. To remain compliant with strict emission standards, seek out these advanced engines in your next concrete pump purchase.

Quiet engine operation

Noise pollution has been a top concern for mining sites over many years. Workers have been affected by constant exposure to loud bangs and constant humming, making some of them prone to hearing complications over time.

To minimise this risk, newer concrete pump models are being designed with a quiet engine operation. These less noisy engines can pump out concrete more efficiently without causing a racket on site.

Compatibility with mobile applications for remote monitoring

With the increasingly popularity of industry 4.0, machines are now being equipped with sensors that can remotely monitor the operation of equipment. These sensors (called IoT sensors) are capable of recording and transmitting data in real time from machines to mobile applications and other control panels for analysis.

Concrete pumps in mining locations are being equipped with these sensors to monitor performance and predict any upcoming maintenance concerns. Miners can now make repairs to their concrete pumps before they break down at inconveniencing times on the work site.

Reduced need for constant maintenance

Most mining locations are located in remote areas, far from repair and supply shops. It's therefore important for concrete pumps used in mining to be less prone to frequent damage. A single missing part can render the machine unusable for days or weeks.

Concrete pumps for mining are therefore made with high quality components that are less prone to failure. Individual parts are thoroughly inspected for efficiency before being assembled into the final product. Talk to commercial concrete contractors to learn more.


3 April 2018

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