Why you really should read your surveyors report

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If you have ever been involved in any building work you have probably heard of a surveyors report, but have you ever really thought about what that report is and why it matters? Some land owners are tempted to ignore the contents of the report, or to avoid surveying their land entirely. They trust that they can just building whatever they want on their own land. This is a mistake, a surveyors report is essential for your own protection, and to ensure that you fully comply with the building regulations in your area.

What's inside the surveyors report?

A surveyors report might, at first glance, appear to be a dull, boring document, and not worthy of your time. In truth, they aren't always fascinating reading, but they do contain information which you need to know. Surveying your land is vital to clearly mark the boundaries of your property and to settle disputes when ownership is disputed, or your neighbour tries to claim part of your property. Surveying can also show up any restrictions that may have been imposed on land usage or building work on the property, so it is important to conduct a thorough survey before your building plans become too advanced.

How will you use the surveyors report?

Perhaps the most common use of a surveyors report is to show the exact location of your proposed building. By carefully measuring your land a surveyor can identify the precise location of your new building and show what it will look like on the ground. It is this information in your surveyors report that you will need when you prepare your building applications and send them to the Planning Commission. Identifying clearly where your property boundaries lie, and where your proposed building will stand in relation to those boundaries, your neighbouring buildings, and other local features is an important part of obtaining permission to build. If you don't know that information, or if you get it wrong then your application will either be refused, or you could be faced with major legal problems in the future. It is far better to obtain a proper surveyors report at the start of your building process than to risk a costly application refusal, or a long running legal dispute.

Arrange for the surveying of your land before you start to build. A surveyors report is a vital tool to help you legally create the building you need.


25 May 2018

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