Methods of Commercial Waterproofing


Commercial waterproofing is important to prevent leaks and damp. There are waterproof paints and wallpaper that can be applied inside your property. Contractors can also be hired to waterproof various areas inside and outside of your property.


Waterproof wallpaper is generally used in bathrooms so that the walls resist the moisture in the air and any water that is splashed onto them.  

Preparation paint

Preparation paint can be used to create a primary coating against water. They may be used inside or outside. There are a number of preparation paints available. If your walls are timber, a specialist paint will be required. This paint will enter the timber and block any water that may come into contact with the wall. The paint can create a matte, satin or gloss finish. If your wall has already been painted with an acrylic or enamel paint, an acrylic primer undercoat may be used. Acrylic primer undercoats can create a smooth and clear coating for your walls.

There are also paints available that are more environmentally friendly. They do not possess hydrocarbon solvents like some paints. These solvents can damage the atmosphere. These paints enter the wall and strengthen the structure against water.

Bathroom paint

If you wish to use paint in a bathroom area, you can purchase bathroom paint. This makes the wall durable against water, and it is also easier to clean than other paints. It is generally easy to apply and provides a smooth effect.

Commercial waterproofing services

Contractors can be hired to waterproof areas of your property such as roofs, basements, balconies, floors, decks and carparks. The type of treatment required will depend on which structure requires waterproofing and any previous destruction caused by water. If your property has already suffered from the effects of water, a contractor can examine the damage and administer an appropriate solution.

Balconies can be waterproofed so that they do not become stained or allow water to pass through into connecting rooms. Roofs need to be waterproofed with a specialist membrane to prevent leaks and damage to the property. If your roof has suffered from leaks in the past, a new membrane may be required. Concrete floors will also need to be treated to prevent damage from water, which can cause cracks and the escape of minerals which may damage surrounding areas. If your property is by the sea, seawater can cause concrete to wear and degrade if not properly treated.


26 September 2018

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