Designing a New Home? Why You Have To Consider Installing a Veranda

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There is something quintessentially Australian about the outdoor lifestyle, and it needs to be celebrated in all shapes and forms. Many people want to convert their living space so that they can feel at one with nature more often and especially if they happen to live close to the beach, to enjoy those cooling sea breezes. If you're starting with a clean sheet of paper and are about to build a new property for yourself, why should you capitalise on this and include a feature that allows you to live outside for much of the time?

How It Used to Be

Life indoors has only become palatable, let alone enjoyable due to the invention of the air conditioner. In the summertime, conditions can become unbearable in a "cooped up" environment, and this is undoubtedly why those early Australians would only create a rudimentary dwelling.

As the generations went by, smarter natives began to design their homes with an outdoor feature known as a veranda. They would put this on the side of the property facing the prevailing wind so that they could spend their evenings in relative comfort.

Who Wants to Be inside?

Today, most people can rely on air conditioning but may still want to spend time outside, and in this case, they should consider constructing a veranda all around their new property. Due to design techniques, they may be able to avoid installing columns or pillars around some of the external walls, and this can allow the installation of floor-to-ceiling glass windows instead. On a particularly nice day, these can then be folded completely out of the way, and this will create a seamless transition between the outside and inside the living room.

Injecting Your Personality

Once you get your new veranda installed, make sure that you take full advantage of it. Buy some all-weather furniture and even a hammock or two, so every member of the family can enjoy the experience to the max. In fact, this area can take over as your entertainment space, so when people come over, you can treat them to food and drink outside instead of inside. Some people love their new veranda so much that they barely venture indoors at all, or perhaps just to get a cooling drink out of the fridge.

Making Your Plans

Expand the footprint of your new building by designing a wraparound veranda. Make sure you take full advantage of your blessings, as you enjoy your Australian lifestyle in all its glory.


11 October 2018

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