Follow These Safety Tips When Using Explosives to Demolish a Building

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Earth movers are the machines most commonly used to bring down buildings. They are useful when the buildings are not massive and also when the structure and design of the building are simple. However, there are circumstances where the demolition excavators may not be practical or economical to carry out the housing demolition process. For instance, multi-story buildings that have complex architecture might take months to demolish, while the use of explosives could accomplish the same results within hours. Explosives are volatile, and precautions need to be taken to avoid causing more harm than good during the demolition process. Here are some tips on how to stay safe when handling demolition. 

Planning the demolition

There is a misconception that explosives are the easy way out in demolition. The truth is that the planning takes much longer than the destruction. The contractors take months to remove the inner walls, columns, fencing and wires before initiating the controlled collapse.

Strategic placement of explosives

The most critical part in the process of using explosives to bring down a building is strategic placement of the explosives. You need to have an expert who can assess the building's foundation and other important elements to determine the perfect location to place the explosives so that they can detonate and bring down the building within a matter of seconds. Remember that if a mistake is made in the placement of the explosives, the collapse of the building could get out of hand, leading to the destruction of the surrounding structures. The expert places the explosives where the force of their detonation will allow gravity to pull the building down.

Use of the right components in the explosives

The potency of the explosive that will be used to implode the building depends on the chemicals and elements that it is made of. Usually, nitroglycerin and dynamite are used to create just the right amount of explosive force to bring down a regular storied building. The experts place explosives on various levels throughout the structure to shatter the reinforced concrete. When the entire frame of the building has been shattered, the explosives at the lower levels will bring the whole structure down.

Explosives are used when demolition contractors want to bring down a building without ruining any surrounding structures. It is crucial to make sure that experts handle the whole process because a poorly planned explosion could have catastrophic results.


19 October 2018

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