Save Money on Commercial Refrigeration Costs With These Tips


If you run a grocery store, a convenience shop, a restaurant, a bakery or a similar type of business, you likely spend a lot of money keeping perishable items cold. Looking for ways to save on commercial refrigeration costs? Keep these tips in mind.

1. Check Temperatures Frequently

Local health standards have guidelines on how often you should check the temperatures in your refrigerator, but you may want to check the temperatures even more often than recommended. When you keep a careful eye on your temperature levels, you notice right away if something is wrong with your system, and in most cases, timely repairs save you money by preventing the issue from getting worse and needing a big expensive repair. Additionally, you can make sure you're not wasting money by running your system too cold.

2. Invest in Shutters or Curtains for Open Refrigerators

If you have open refrigerators which are popular in many food markets, you may want to invest in shutters that you can close the fridges when your shop is not open. Alternatively, you may want to put in PVC curtains. This option allows people to access the open fridges easily, while also helping to keep in cold air and block out warm air.

3. Make Sure Seals Are Working Well

On traditional fridge doors, you need to make sure that your seals are working well. Check the seals on a regular basis, and replace them as needed. Without tight seals, cold air can seep out of your fridge, causing your motor to run harder and driving up your bills.

4. Replace Old Refrigeration Systems

As commercial refrigeration systems get older, they also become less efficient. Although investing in a new system involves a large upfront cost. It can save you money in the long run. You can crunch the numbers on your own to determine when it's the most cost-advantageous to buy a new system, but a refrigeration specialist can also help you decide when to make an upgrade.  

5. Schedule Regular Refrigeration Service

Finally, remember to schedule regular service appointments for your refrigeration system. When you have a service technician come in on a regular basis, they can check seals, motors, freon levels and other issues with your system. They can let you know when you need repairs, and they can take care of issues preemptively so that the damage doesn't get out of control.


1 March 2019

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