How to Avoid Mistakes with Bathroom Waterproofing

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There are a lot of bad bathroom waterproofing cases that lead to expensive repairs, and it disrupts the everyday life of homeowners. This is a very common problem, and it does not only apply to old homes because even the new ones could have issues. If not done right, bathroom waterproofing repairs involve a lot of work because the tile bedding, fixtures, and tiles have to be temporarily removed. For you to not fall into the same situation, here are the common mistakes and how to avoid them:


A common issue people encounter in the bathroom is when the shower leaks. It does not cost a lot to fix, so you should have it done right by a tradesman who is certified in waterproofing and make sure that you are given a certificate and warranty. In case you sell the house after the bathroom was renovated, you would have to show the certificate. Bathroom waterproofing is a job that should only be handled by professionals.  

Not Enough Sealant

If there is not enough sealant from the floor to the wall, there will be a lot of movement in the bathroom flooring. This is because of the changes in temperature, which is normally a problem related to cement fibre sheeted walls on the timber frames. Make sure to put enough sealant on all parts that need it to avoid any movement due to temperature changes.

Failing to Prepare Before the Process

You need to make sure that the wall and floor surfaces, such as wood, concrete, cement, clipboard panelling, and others, are prepared. A primer should be applied before the process starts because there are several steps to this. The bathroom waterproofing material should only be applied after each part of the process was successfully done.

Inadequate Ventilation

After bathroom waterproofing, ventilation is something you should take care of so that it does not defeat the purpose. It can be horrendous to see mould specks when the walls and ceiling have just been painted. This is because of poor ventilation. The windows are not enough, meaning that you will still require an exhaust system. You can use oil-based paint for the bathroom to reduce the risk of having mould.  

By avoiding these common bathroom waterproofing mistakes, the money spent will not go to waste. Furthermore, you will not experience any issues in the long run because you were keen on not committing any mistakes. Talk with a bathroom waterproofing company like Westside Sealants Pty Ltd to have your bathroom professionally done. 


26 March 2019

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