Why commercial marine contractors are the right choice for your project

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If you want to construct a building then your first visit would normally be to a builder or architect to discuss your proposal. There are, however, times when a traditional builder isn't going to be able to help you. When you are considering any form of marine construction then commercial marine contractors are the right people to advise you. They will have the expertise needed to cope with the unique circumstances of marine construction and will be able to complete work which a conventional builder would not have the experience or equipment to undertake.

What are commercial marine contractors?

Commercial marine contractors may be qualified in conventional areas such as electrical and mechanical engineering and dogging, but it is their ability to offer turnkey solutions to marine construction problems using teams of specialist marine tradesmen that really sets them apart. You might find them working on tasks as varied as jetty reconstruction, building a new boat harbour or wharf, upgrading boat ramps or refurbishing a pier.  Marine contractors will work in the following areas.

1. Piling: It doesn't matter whether you need driven piles, spun piles or down the hole drilling; commercial marine contractors will have the right piling solution for your marine building project. They will know how to ensure a strong, stable foundation is created for your construction, and they will have the right equipment to carry out every part of the piling process from planning through to final implementation.

2. Marine Demolition: Sometimes you are able to build something in a fresh, untouched area. At other times it is necessary to remove an older unused or unsafe construction before you can create something new. When you need to demolish a marine construction then it makes sense to look for a company that can undertake both land and marine based demolition including piling, and material separation.

3. Pontoons & Marinas: If you want to build a floating pontoon or marina then you must arrange for commercial marine contractors to install it for you. They will have the plant and labour needed to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

4. Dredging: Dredging is a vital part of marine maintenance and to dredge effectively needs the right equipment. Look for a company that has the right pumps and hoppers to quickly clear not just sand but also seaweed and other debris that is dredged up from the seabed.

5. Marine infrastructure & Maintenance: Commercial marine contractors can help you to create ferry wharves, tug berths, and commercial on-land facilities for your marine activities. They should also be able to offer a reliable maintenance regime for all your marine constructions.


4 April 2019

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