Problems You May Have With Your Tankless Hot Water Heater


Electric tankless hot water heaters can save money on your energy bill. They can also save space in your home since you will not need space for a water tank. However, just like with traditional water tanks and hot water systems, there can still be repair issues. Here are a few of the hot water repairs you may face with your tankless system and what you need to know about each one.

Mineral Clogging

One of the common issues you will see with a tankless water heater is with mineral clogging. The minerals in the water can build up in the system. These minerals can clog pipes and clog the flow into the tankless system. This will lead to you needing hot water repairs from your electrician. The electrician will need to shut off the water and clean out the system. They will use chemicals that can break down the minerals and clear the flow of water through the tankless heater again. They may also suggest using a filter system that can block or greatly reduce the minerals.

System Overload

A system overload for a tankless hot water system is when there is too much hot water being pulled through the tankless unit. This could be due to several appliances running as well as someone showering and other running water issues. The strain can cause a system overload that causes electric tankless systems to shut down. If this happens, a technician will need to step in and reset the tankless system. You can reduce the need for hot water repairs for system overload by simply gauging what is pulling hot water and making sure you only use one to two sources of hot water at once.

Cold Water Sandwich

The term "cold water sandwich" refers to the hot water repairs that deal with cold water pockets in your tankless system flow. This will happen on a small level when you first turn on the water. The water starts out cold and then heats up. If you are showering or using hot water and you notice cold water at the start and cold water pockets throughout the shower, then you have cold water sandwich issues. It means the unit is not heating continually and the plumber will need to make a hot water repair on the system.

Keep in mind that these are the more common hot water repairs that you will face with a tankless system. If you have any of these repair issues, contact your plumber or hot water heater repair technician. They can give you a consultation for your hot water repairs and help you with other issues you may be having.


29 May 2019

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