Five benefits of driven piles

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A strong foundation will translate to a stable house. There are various kinds of foundation boring in the market. Pile foundation involves taking a vertical structure's weight to the more in-depth section of the soil. The upper part of the earth is weak and not ideal for pile foundation. Driven piles are long, slender columns that provide support or resist forces. You should hire foundation boring services for driving piles.

Top-notch quality

Driven-piles have structural pre-manufactured shapes or natural materials that have a specific tolerance to tall vertical structures. They also adhere to all the ASTM provisions and have consistent quality from the first to the last pile. These piles are ideal for soft soil areas. Additionally, susceptible installation of other piles will not damage them. The installation, design and quality assurance of driven piles merge to give precise results.


Are you building a new house? Using driven piles is a cost-effective option for deep residential foundation boring since you only pay for what is necessary. Moreover, there are no hidden charges or extra expenses for clean-up of the site. Since driven piles are available in various shapes and materials, they can undergo specification or fabrication for excellent structural strength.


Installation of driven piles will accommodate tension, compression or lateral loads. You can select piles according to your needs, structure requirements and budget as well as site conditions. Driven piles adapt quickly to any soil condition, which eliminates the guesswork due to site variability. They also adapt appropriately to specific site conditions as well as restrictions such as marine and other shore applications. You can also use water-driven piles immediately, thus enabling the construction process to continue in a timely way.

Increase of bearing capacity 

The pile capacity of driven piles increases when you drive it to granular soil due to the adjacent soil mass that is compact around the pile. A large installation of the driven piles densifies the site's soil. This ability improves the capacity of other pre-installed piles. You should also note that a driven pile has more capacity than different types of piles with the same length and diameter. Moreover, piles have a neat and clean display and consume minimum storage space.

Wrapping it up

The most significant advantage of pile foundation is resistance to corrosion and impressive load capacities. The other benefits include the ability for large area installation and long length installation. Driven piles are consecutive and perfect for all types of soil. You can now make your decision after reading the above benefits.


4 October 2019

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