Considerations to Have in Mind When Choosing Natural Stone Countertops

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Whether you are designing your new kitchen or remodelling your old one, a natural stone countertop is a modern, stylish and durable investment. Stone adds a touch of elegance that you can't achieve with other materials. However, there are various types of stone to choose from, including granite, limestone, marble and quartz, among others. You have to narrow down your selection, and as you do so, here are a few considerations to have in mind.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle ultimately determines the kind of natural stone you can use on your kitchen countertops. Factors such as the number of people in the household and the presence of kids can affect stone durability. In a home with one or two people, you can get away with a material such as marble. It is susceptible to stains and is not suitable for busy kitchens where food spills are the norm.

On the other hand, if you have kids or a large household, there's no telling how many times your countertops will suffer through coffee, tea, milk and juice spills. These can stain your countertops; therefore, you need a more stain-resistant material such as granite. Granite can also withstand heat and scratches for extended periods without losing its shine. Choose a stone that meets your lifestyle needs to increase durability.

Assess the Weight of the Stone

Natural stone is heavier than engineered stone and tiles. Thus, before using it, you need to ensure that the cabinets and counters on which it is installed can withstand the weight. This should be factored in at the kitchen design stage so you can match your cabinetry to a natural stone countertop of your choice. 

Granite is quite heavy compared to other natural stones such as marble and quartz. Installing it on weak counters and cabinets can cause damage. Therefore, before purchasing, talk to your contractor so they can advise you on whether your chosen cabinetry can endure the weight of the stone.

Think About Maintenance

Most types of stone are generally high maintenance. You need to protect them from spills, acids and other corrosive substances that can erode the finish and expose the material to damage. Also, you have to reseal the stone regularly depending on how well you maintain it. For example, marble countertops in high-traffic kitchens may require sealing twice or thrice a year to preserve their beautiful finish.

One great tip for using stone is getting different types based on their resilience. For example, you can restrict marble to the island where you can easily use coasters and table mats to prevent spills. Use stain-resistant materials such as granite in the sink and food-prep area, where scratches and stains are more likely to happen. 

Your choice of natural stone countertops should be based on these critical factors. Call a natural stone service for more information.


5 December 2019

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