How to Make Your New Patio Nice and Private

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If you have the space to build a patio, but the only available space doesn't offer much in the way of privacy, should you go ahead anyway? Well, the short answer is yes. Just because the available space backs straight onto your neighbour's property, or perhaps a highrise building next door will have a bird's eye view of your new patio, doesn't mean that you need to be on show each time you use the space. What are some ways to incorporate privacy measures into the design of your new patio? 

1. Avoid a Solid Wall

Obviously, you could just put a fairly straightforward privacy wall around the applicable side of the patio, but that's a bit boring, isn't it? Some sort of privacy barrier is certainly going to be necessary, but a solid wall isn't going to be the best choice. You'd have privacy, but the dimensions of the patio can become too pronounced, making the space feel closed-in (not to mention the loss of natural light) Naturally, there are numerous far better alternatives to a solid wall.

2. Consider Adding a Gazebo

If you want shade on your new patio, you might be planning to erect a permanent gazebo-style structure. This can be enclosed, with concertina-style doors on each side, allowing you to fully open the space during the warmer months. Simply close the doors for privacy. You should also hang drop cloth curtains to add more privacy while allowing air circulation. 

3. Consider Privacy Barriers

Perhaps you don't have space for a free-standing enclosure on the patio. In this instance, some sort of privacy barrier is the best way to go. For example, a lattice screen with climbing plants will accentuate the new space, without being as obtrusive as a solid wall. Free-standing wooden planks angled to allow light through (while also being specifically angled to obstruct the view from the house next door) make a stylish alternative to a solid wall.

In a similar vein to a free-standing plank privacy barrier, horizontal wooden slats attached to a frame can obscure the view for your neighbours. The slats need to be positioned with a small amount of space between them, in order to allow the sunlight through. 

If you like the look of plants, consider positioning a row of potted bamboo along the edge of the patio that requires the privacy barrier. It's actually rather easy to grow a bamboo privacy barrier in pots. 

So even though the space earmarked for your new patio doesn't offer much in the way of privacy, it's really rather easy to overcome this. Contact patio builders to learn more about how you can use the space while adding privacy.


25 June 2020

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