How to Rebrand Your Stores When the Pressure Is On

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There's no doubt that the retail industry has been under tremendous pressure in recent times. The pandemic added a great deal of uncertainty to the challenging environment and forced store owners to come up with new and creative ways to push forward. Sometimes, this can involve a complete rebranding exercise, which could be combined with a seasonal repositioning. If you're in charge of several retail units, how can you gain some new momentum by refreshing and rebranding your stores?

Making a Difference

The holiday season is the most important for all retail shop owners, and it can often mean the difference between make or break for the financial year. Behind the scene, planners may put a great deal of effort into new ideas and branding tweaks so that they can set themselves apart from the opposition. This will help them to attract new and old customers alike.

Rebranding Fit-out

Sometimes, this rebranding can be extensive, and it could be tied into the Christmas experience. It may prompt a complete fit-out, and when this involves an active store, challenges can arise.

Less Disruption

As the executive in charge, you need to ensure that the fit-out can be performed with a minimum amount of disruption to the existing operation. The team will need to ensure that work can be carried out during downtimes and in such a way that you avoid a slump in sales. Many shoppers are creatures of habit, and they don't take too kindly to a sudden change, so bear that in mind and try to keep as many products in the same general area as possible.

Good Impression

When you refit like this, you want to make a big impact. You'll want to retain your existing customers, but you will also want to attract new ones as well. Your fit-out team will need to make a good impression, be ultimately professional and able to perform the job within your guidelines.


It is also important to maintain consistency across the brand. This is why you should always choose a retail fit-out specialist and a company that is able to take on all of your stores within a strict deadline.

No Time Like the Present

With Christmas fast approaching and the retail industry beginning to gather steam, now is the time to make those critical decisions. Get in touch with a retail fit-out company to see how they can help you.


22 September 2020

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