Significant Things to Note About Timber Supplies

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If you have a construction project, it is essential to know a few things about timber products. Even though your project manager or structural engineer might be on top of things, having some knowledge about timber supplies is fundamental in understanding why they are selected and how your use of a structure affects this choice.

What Are the Uses of Timber Supplies in Construction Projects?

Timber has many uses in different construction projects. It is used to:

  • Construct scaffolding to help the builders access different levels of your structure during construction
  • Secure concrete as it cures
  • Build timber products like cabinets, shelves, wardrobes, etc.
  • Construct roof trusses
  • Construct timber floors, etc.

Timber Specifications

Depending on why timber supplies are required, they need to have particular properties that make them suitable for use. For example, timber supplies used for cabinets and shelves need to be treated, sealed and finished. This protects them from water and insect damage and makes them durable. Additionally, the timber used to make roof trusses needs to be treated, sealed and finished, but it should also be cut using computerised machines for precision and stability purposes.

You might also realise that timber used for floors needs to come from hardwood trees. You may come across solid hardwood floors and engineered hardwood flooring. The difference between these flooring timbers is that engineered hardwood flooring is manufactured to overcome some of the properties that make natural hardwood flooring unsuitable for use in particular environments or rooms.

Timber Storage

During construction, timber should not be stored carelessly, especially timber trusses. If they are stored in a high moisture environment, they are likely to absorb water and get damaged. That is why you might hear your project or construction manager insist that timber supplies should be stored in a dry room and not touch the floor.

Timber Supplies Price

Timber supplies are expensive; you need to budget for them to avoid purchasing cheap, poor-quality timber. The reason timber is expensive, especially hardwood, is because it takes a long time to grow. Additionally, it has to pass through different processes to ensure it serves you for the longest time possible. As indicated above, these processes include treatment, sealing and finishing. The treatment protects the timber from insect attack while sealing and finishing protects it from moisture and other damaging elements. You should also know that timber needs to be maintained on a schedule to retain its look and for you to continue enjoying its benefits.

Reach out to a professional who provides timber supplies to learn more. 


23 October 2020

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