Have You Tried Non-Destructive Digging Yet?

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Most of the time, digging trenches to lay foundations, cables or pipes is quite straightforward. You can simply hire a digger and dig along the length of the channel to the required depth. After building what you need, or inserting your pipe or cable, you will cover it up and refill the trench. However, there are always going to be times when laying your pipes isn't so easy. For situations where you can't use traditional methods, it often helps to have assistance from a company that offers non-destructive digging.

What problems could you encounter while digging?

There are two types of problems that you might have to consider while digging in the ground. There are natural obstructions and obstructions caused by existing work having been carried out on the site. Non-destructive digging can be used to help you overcome both types of problems. Natural barriers can occur when you need to lay a pipe or a cable through an area that has features that you don't want to disturb. In some cases, you might be able to deviate around these obstructions, but often, that will greatly increase your costs. At other times, getting around these obstructions will be impossible.

Where existing work has occurred at the site, you may be faced with buildings blocking the path you want to follow or an existing network of pipes and cables that are in your way but can't be moved. Non-destructive digging can help you navigate all of these obstructions without damaging them.

What is non-destructive digging?

While most digging methods will rely on the power of a digger to tear into the ground, non-destructive digging employs either high-pressure water jets or dry-suction to clear the space. With non-destructive digging, you must first precisely locate any underground objects that you want to preserve before commencing any work. In addition to preserving underground assets, there are several other advantages of non-destructive digging; this technique creates much less mess than other digging methods. There is no pile of spoil to cause a mess; instead, the spoil which has been loosened is vacuumed into the collection tank before being cleared from the site. Non-destructive digging is preferred for many locations as it is also quieter than more traditional digging techniques and unlikely to disrupt the lives of those living or employed near the digging site. These are just a few of the reasons that it is growing in popularity in the building industry.


17 February 2021

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