Three Central Precautions for Planning for Excavation Equipment Hire

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If you are preparing for a construction project, you should plan for the acquisition of excavation equipment. In general, it is advisable to choose to hire over purchase, even for prolonged work. Equipment hire eliminates the need for high capital costs for your business. The rental fees might be significant, but the amount will be paid over a long period. Therefore, the effect on the cash flow for the project will be minimal. Moreover, when you hire, the supplier will be responsible for upkeep and repair during your project. If you are interested in excavation and plant hire, use these planning tips to achieve a good outcome.

Choose the Specifications

The first step in the excavator hire process is identifying the best equipment specifications for your project. When choosing the excavator, consider the type of ground conditions on your site. The equipment will need to break ground, so make sure that the bucket attached to the excavator can dig and trench. Also, check the overall power of the different units and compatibility with attachments. The bucket is the default feature, but a good excavator will allow for connection with items like graders, augers and grapplers. Additionally, think about the size of the excavator and ensure manoeuvrability will not be an issue.

Check the Availability

When you identify the right excavator for your project, check on the availability during the period you will need the equipment. Keep in mind that the demand for machinery can be high. Therefore, you should book your unit on time to avoid missing out on your preferred item. Also, consider your construction schedule with care before proceeding. Determine your start date and the specific dates on which you would like to begin excavating. Remember, if your schedule is off, you might end up paying the rental fee while the equipment is idle on your site. Additionally, inform your supplier of any changes to your construction plans on time.

Consider the Transportation

The cost of transporting an excavator to a construction site can be considerably high. In general, standard excavating machines have tracks instead of wheels. These tracks will cause a lot of damage if driven on regular roads. Therefore, the units must be carried using flatbed trucks to their destination. This issue is a limiting factor if your construction site is in a remote area. Choose an equipment specialist close to the lot. Also, discuss the best approach to reducing the transport expenses. For instance, equipment delivery during off-peak traffic could lead to lower total charges.


1 November 2021

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