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One of the challenges you might experience when looking for construction services is that there are many companies to choose from. Similar to other clients, you might end up confused and choose the wrong company. This extract details criteria to help you when hiring a construction service. Ideally, it puts forward some interview questions you can use to vet the various construction services on the market. 

Are You A Registered Contractor? 

The rule of thumb is working with registered contractors. Registered contractors undergo rigorous vetting to ensure they have the skills and equipment needed to conduct construction works. Besides, they undergo regular training to acquaint them with changes in the building code and ensure they understand safety regulations. Finally, most contractors have a membership to professional contractor associations. These associations rate the performance of their members based on client disputes. Therefore, it becomes easy to tell if a contractor has been accused of unprofessional conduct in the past. Besides, the associations settle disputes between their members and clients.  

Can You Give A Referral To Some Of Your Previous Clients? 

The contractor should refer you to some of their clients or take you for site visits. It helps you determine the contractor's specialisation. For instance, some construction services deal with swimming pool construction while others deal with demolition, commercial or residential building. It is best that you deal with a company specialising in the construction of your preferred structure. It guarantees that the company staff understand every aspect of your project. 

What Kind Of Insurance Do You Have? 

The construction service should detail the kind of insurance they have. Typically, the company should insure their workforce with workers compensation insurance to protect clients from personal injury suits in case of an accident at the site. The company should also have general liability insurance to cover third-party injuries and property damage. Finally, all machines and plant equipment must have adequate insurance.  

What Additional Services Can You Offer? 

The construction services should examine your project and inform you about the value they can add. For example, when building a home, the company should perform plumbing, electrical, and roofing works to prevent the hassles of dealing with many different contractors. The construction service should also help you secure the permits needed to execute the project. If you are a DIY enthusiast, the company could incorporate you into the project. For instance, you could assist with simple tasks such as brickwork, cladding and floor installation. 

When hiring a construction service, inquire about company registration, ask for referrals, check the company's insurance and ask about the available extra services. 


15 December 2021

Finding the Best Contractors for the Job

Welcome to my blog, my name is Blake and from now on, I will be writing a series of blogs which will deal with the process of finding and working with contractors when constructing a new building. I am not a construction specialist but last summer I gained a lot of experience in this area when I hired a team of 32 contractors to build a holiday home. When hiring contractors, it is important that you understand how to communicate with them and their ways of working. Below are a series of blogs which will help you to find the best contractors.