Ways Civil Works Can Improve Area Parks

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The installation, maintenance and upgrades of area parks are handled through the civil works department. If you work for civil works, you may notice there are several older parks in your area that need upgrades or improvement. If this is the case, you may also be looking at ways to upgrade the parks while remaining on budget and making upgrades that are easily maintained and long lasting. If this is the case, here are a few methods to consider. 

Roadway Guttering

Roadway guttering is one of the first ways to help maintain and upgrade the area parks. This type of guttering system is generally built alongside the roads to help with water flow from a starting point to the area gutter and sewer system. This type of guttering can be placed around the park to help guide water away from pooling areas such as play equipment or tracks. The guttering can also help reduce the chances of standing or pooling water during heavy storms. In addition, the guttering can reduce the chances of erosion or wash out in the play areas or landscaped areas of the park. 

Paved Access Roads and Parking

When the park was first built, there may have been no need for paved roads into or out of the park area. There may also have been no need for a paved parking lot. This means that the trails into and out of the park could be eroded. There may also be significant damage to the parking area, including pot holes and dangerous driving conditions after storms. By paving the access roads in and out of the parks along with paving the parking areas, you can decrease the chances of erosion. You can also increase park safety and offer an upgraded look to the parks landscaping. 

Paved Walking and Bike Trails

One of the ways that many citizens utilize parks deals with walking and bike trails. These trails can be around the outer edge of the park itself or can connect various parks. The key points regarding these walking and bike trails is that they are durable, resistant to erosion and safe. You can offer all of these by paving the walking and bike trails. You can also have the same roadway guttering you use around the park alongside the trails. This will add an added point of durability by reducing erosion and flooding on the trails. 

These are just a few ways you, as a member or board member of civil works, can improve your area parks. If you are ready to present these ideas, or others, to the civil works board contact them for a meeting. Make sure to detail how these methods can easily maintain the park and how long lasting these changes will be. 


22 February 2022

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