The Different Advantages of Vinyl House Cladding Systems

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Shopping for a cladding product for your house? House cladding is essential to protect the house exteriors from damage due to harsh outdoor elements, such as rain, snow, hail, saltwater mist and windborne debris. 

With the many different types of cladding systems available out there, the decision process for choosing the best cladding for your home can be confusing. Although many homeowners favour vinyl cladding because it is relatively inexpensive, its benefits extend beyond affordability.

Keep reading to discover the various benefits of vinyl cladding systems.

Requires minimal maintenance

Vinyl is a non-porous material that does not crack like concrete, rust like metal or rot like wood when exposed to damp conditions. It also retains its colour well despite prolonged exposure to UV radiation.

Regular cleaning with a pressure washer is the only maintenance required for vinyl cladding to perform well and look good throughout its lifespan. Pressure washing will help to remove the surface dirt that may ruin the kerb appeal of the property if left unaddressed.

When you clad your house with vinyl, you do not have to repaint or stain your house exteriors periodically to protect the substrate material from damage.

Does not ruin the exterior appearance of your house

If you haven't set your heart on a specific cladding material, vinyl can be a stylish option for your home.

Vinyl cladding no longer looks cheap and boring. These days, vinyl cladding is available in many colours to match the style of your home. It can even mimic the look of many other types of house exteriors, including brick, wood and stone. 

Suitable for insulation purposes

Cladding-grade vinyl has low thermal conductivity meaning it offers high resistance to heat or cold. If you live in an extremely hot or cold climate, vinyl cladding can be an excellent way to keep your home comfortable without overworking your HVAC system. Consequently, you can save energy and money on your annual HVAC operations.

On a materials-only basis, very few cladding materials cost less than vinyl. However, the potential financial savings on the total cost of vinyl cladding installation don't stop there.

Unlike several other cladding options, which require higher-level skills and take more time to install, vinyl cladding is relatively quick and easy to install. As a result, they can allow you to save money on labour costs.

Contact a house cladding contractor for a free, no-obligation cost estimate for your project. 


12 September 2022

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