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Cool rooms provide enough room for refrigerating items, especially for commercial applications. A cool room is flexible and helps you maintain the hygiene and safety of the products in your farm, hospital or hotel. Every cool room has unique advantages, and you should get one customised for your firm. Here are a few issues to consider during the cool room construction process.   

Energy efficiency

The amount of energy consumed by your cool room directly impacts cost. Therefore, what can you do to minimise energy consumption in cool room construction? You can create a cool room that is enough for your items. Extra spaces only increase the load on the cooling unit and cause energy wastage. Hence, always estimate the volume of the stored products before constructing the cool room. 

Energy efficiency also varies based on the location of the cool room. Ensure your cool room is in the shade and covered by a structure or vegetation. The doors should face away from heat sources such as the sun or your furnaces. You may also consider different insulation methods to reduce the temperature differences. The cooling system should not struggle to resist the thermal impacts of the surrounding. 


The cool room construction process should rely on designs that optimise the airflow. Both size and shape determine the airflow that addresses your cooling needs. These attributes are not universal; always ensure the construction company consults you in the design phase. The axial fan and other components must maximise the airflow based on your needs.

For example, ensure the shelves and other components inside the cool room are easy to adjust. Such flexibility helps you customise the airflow characteristics to ensure uninterrupted circulation for specific areas. You may also customise the cool room to provide a uniform cooling effect for all sections. These factors all depend on the perfection of the airflow qualities during the cool room construction. 


Your cool room should make life easy for users, especially the staff and customers. For example, ensure the cool room has spacious doorways to access anything from a single bottle to an entire dozen canned drinks. The team should restock quickly, and customers should view and obtain their items conveniently. Hence, always consider your store layout, cool room walls and product specifications.

The size of your doors also matters a lot. For example, the doors you frequently open increase the temperature difference and causes energy inefficiency. Ensure frequently-used doors are small; you may also obtain roller doors when operating equipment such as forklifts. In addition, consider fast, automated doors, double doors and curtaining materials for frequently-used cool rooms. 

Some essential factors to consider during cool room construction include energy efficiency, airflow and usage. 

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23 January 2023

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